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Hidenori Mitsuoka

CEO and President

Mr. Mitsuoka joined Eurus Energy America in Oct 2021 as President and CEO. Prior to this role, Mr. Mitsuoka served as Managing Director of Eurus Energy Europe B.V. in the Netherlands from 2019. 

Mr. Mitsuoka Joined Tomen Corporation in 1989, and in 1999, he served as the Vice President of Tomen Power Corporation in San Diego for 5 years for wind power development in the US. in 2008, he served as director of Eurus Energy UK in London for another 5 years for wind power developments in Europe.  Mr. Mitsuoka has various experiences in wind and solar energy industry for more than 27 years all over the world not only US and Europe but also Asia include Japan, Oceania and Africa.

Mr. Mitsuoka graduated from Waseda University in Japan in 1989 with a degree in law.