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Eurus Energy America is comprised of the following team of talented and diverse renewable energy professionals.  Please click on the name of each of our team members below to learn more about their background and contributions to our company.

Hidenori Mitsuoka

CEO and President

Mr. Mitsuoka joined Eurus Energy Europe in July 2019 as Managing Director. Prior to this role, Mr. Mitsuoka served as General Manager, Overseas Business Development of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation... Full Biography >>

Brad White

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Mr. White joined Eurus Energy America in 2005 as General Counsel. He oversees all aspects of Eurus Energy’s internal legal affairs including financing, regulatory, procurement, construction, operation, infrastructure and tax issues. ... Full Biography >>

Karen Derenthal Schmidt

Senior Vice President of Project Finance

Karen Derenthal Schmidt joined Eurus in May 2008 as Vice President of Project Finance. Karen is responsible for all aspects of project financing within Eurus Energy... Full Biography >>

Brian Ferrell

Vice President, Asset Management

Mr. Ferrell re-joined Eurus Energy America Corporation (EEA) in 2016 as Vice President, Accounting. He is responsible for supervising the accounting department and for supporting EEA’s other departments to create business strategies aligned with the organization’s goals.... Full Biography >>

Michael Whittle

Vice President, Development South America

Michael Whittle joined Eurus Energy America in July 2016 as Vice President, Development for South America. He is responsible for strategic direction in South America and originating and executing new business development opportunities in the region. Mr. Whittle initially joined Eurus Energy America... Full Biography >>

Cary Silahian

Registered In House Counsel / Assistant General Counsel