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New Solar Development Team

Eurus Energy America Corporation is pleased to announce its new Solar Initiative and Solar Development Team. Eurus will focus on the development of large-scale photovoltaic projects throughout the United States with a particular focus on the West. Eurus has built a Solar Development Team comprising development, engineering, permitting and finance experts with an impressive track record of developing renewable energy projects worldwide.

Eurus’s solar development team includes Dennis Scullion, a 26 year veteran in the renewable energy industry and responsible for the development of more than 1,000 MWs of renewable energy, including more than 700 MW in California. Also joining the development team is Roger Scullion, an expert in project siting and land acquisition with more than 20 years of development experience in renewable energy. David Tomlinson joins the team with 22 years of project development and environmental permitting experience with renewable and nonrenewable energy projects. The Eurus solar team also includes experts in the areas of project finance, solar technology, and engineering.

Worldwide, the Eurus Energy Group currently has more than 1,600MW of renewable energy generation in operation and recently completed a 1MW photovoltaic solar project in South Korea. “The South Korean solar project was our first non-wind project and we are keen to leverage off that accomplishment. America, especially the southwest region, is blessed with abundant solar energy resources. With our new solar initiative, we are confident in achieving our goal of adding more MWs of renewable energy to our existing portfolio of more than 500MWs in North America,” stated Mark Anderson, President & CEO of Eurus Energy America Corporation.