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SAN DIEGO, California and TOKYO, Japan 07/31/2019

Eurus Energy America Corporation (San Diego, Calif), MORGENROT Inc (Tokyo, Japan), and WOODMAN Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) today announced that they will start providing distributed cloud-based CG rendering services to meet the increasing demand of high-speed rendering needs from various industries such as content creation, industrial design, entertainment, and more. Eurus Energy America is a subsidiary of Japan’s leading renewable energy company, Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), operating large scale wind and solar farms worldwide. Eurus Energy America will build a rendering farm in one of their wind farms and will start rendering services to global customers in January 2020. WOODMAN, a Block Chain based technical consulting company in Japan and MORGENROT, a rendering service operation company, and AMD will provide Eurus Energy America with technical support. The rendering farm will use high-performance AMD Radeon™ GPUs, Ryzen™ processors and the Radeon™ ProRender physically-based rendering engine, and utilize renewable power generated by the wind farm operated by Eurus Energy America. This is the world’s first example of using clean energy to power highly efficient, distributed cloud-based rendering services with AMD Radeon™ ProRender technology.

The rendering farm’s key features are:

  • AMD Radeon™ GPU-based rendering server cluster
  • The server cluster is built in a 20 feet standard shipping mobile data center container
  • Equipped with fully fledged air and temperature control
  • Equipped with remote monitoring and supervisory system
  • Capacity scaling can be done just adding more units of the container data center

“We are pleased to announce our entry into the rendering farm business which is an ideal move for us to optimize our capacity of clean energy generation. We will work closely with MORGENROT, WOODMAN and AMD to further enhance our rendering service capacity,” said Satoshi Takahata, President and CEO of Eurus Energy America Corp.

“MORGENROT offers cloud based distributed rendering service which is highly efficient and scalable for all creators who are hungry for more computing power as they need it. We are working closely with AMD to deploy AMD’s latest technologies as soon as they are available in the market”. said Shane Bennett, Director of MORGENROT USA.

“WOODMAN will work very closely with AMD and Eurus to establish the highly efficient cloud-based render farm powered by clean energy supplied by Eurus wind farm. We feature AMD’s Radeon™ GPUs and Radeon™ProRender rendering engine in order to maximize the efficiency and cost performance of our rendering service to all customers who are hungry for more rendering power on demand basis. We will start this service in September,” said Shinjiro Ono, CEO of WOODMAN.

“This pioneers huge business potential of distributed cloud CG rendering service based on AMD GPUs and Radeon™ ProRender technology. The combination of renewable clean energy from the Eurus wind farm and AMD’s highly efficient Radeon™ GPUs with 7nm technology is a perfect solution for power-hungry rendering customers worldwide,” said Jörg Roskowetz, Head of Blockchain Technology BU – Director Product Management of AMD. We are pleased to establish the first distributed cloud-based render farm supported by clean energy.”

About Eurus Energy America Corporation
Eurus Energy America is the wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Eurus Energy Holdings and is responsible for renewable energy investment in the Americas, now comprising nearly 630 megawatts in wind and solar power generation. Eurus Energy Holdings is a global developer, owner and operator of renewable energy facilities, including both wind and solar, with more than 2,800 megawatts worldwide. Eurus Energy America, headquartered in San Diego, California, has been active in the renewable energy sector in the United States for 32 years, beginning operations of its first renewable power projects in California in 1987.

About Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation
Eurus Energy Holdings is a corporation owned jointly by Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated, and its group is actively pursuing renewable energy projects in Asia, USA and Europe to meet the social needs for energy supply and reduction of environmental burdens. Eurus Energy Group also expanded operations into Australia, Egypt, Uruguay and Chile in the southern hemisphere.

MORGENROT is a Japan based operating company which provides high performance 3D CG rendering service through cloud-based rendering computing power pool called “Render Pool”. MORGENROT works closely with WOODMAN to install and operate the render farm to deploy the latest technology made available by AMD.

About WOODMAN Inc.
WOODMAN is a Japan based Blockchain technology consulting company established by ex-AMD employee Shinjiro Ono. WOODMAN works very closely with MORGENROT, the CPP (Computing Power Pool) company, and AMD to provide the entire supply chain of the AMD GPU based Render Farm for creators and CAE users who are hungry for faster computing power.

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