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Manager/Senior Manager – Asset Management

Reports To: VP Operations and Asset Management (OAM)
Direct Reports: Sr. Financial Performance Analyst and Performance Engineer/Analyst

Core Duties:

Develop a 360 degree understanding of operating SPC’s current performance and state of affairs; help develop an inventory of threats and opportunities for each SPC, work each day to leverage that expertise to develop and implement strategies to preserve, defend and augment SPC value through directed action in concert with the rest of the OAM Team, EEA Management and the other teams within EEA (Development, Project Finance, Legal, Corporate Accounting & Administration) that translate into positive financial returns.

Functional Duties:

Direct management and supervision of Financial and Operations Performance Analysts for purposes of producing financial and operational performance analysis, identifying priority actions for minimizing value leakages and maximizing value creation opportunities for project portfolio and to help management prioritize action items for execution by OAM team.
Manage transition of know-how and financial models from Finance to OAM as assets are placed in service and handed over from Development to OAM.
Through ongoing financial performance evaluation and in concert with Head of OAM and Management team, identify opportunities/recommendations for optimization of financial structure for operating assets – refinancing, restructuring, amendment, etc. and work jointly with Finance on execution;
Provide periodic asset valuation analysis to support reporting, decision making on asset disposition, or other uses as needed by corporate management;
Act as peer review when needed for valuation/cash flow models generated by Finance team or on M&A opportunities where models are provided by third parties;
Manage Finance and Operations Performance Analysts, provide training on debt financing, tax equity, and other asset management, finance and analysis matters; provide lateral coaching on such matters to others within OAM team;


Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, or STEM field of study;
Finance, investing, or other accreditations pertinent to job duties a plus;
Bilingual in Spanish a plus;
Travel up to 25%

Key Experience and Skills:

  • At least 7 years in renewable energy (solar and wind) finance and/or asset management
  • Deep knowledge of cash flow models, ability to oversee analysis on GAAP, Cash and Tax basis
  • Experience with renewables structured finance – debt and equity structures, documentation, metrics, accounting, etc.
  • Exceptional analytical approach, ability to identify key triggers, research complex questions, recognize anomalies;
  • Excellence in communications, ability to lead working group meetings, report findings, effectively disseminate key facts to peer group and management
  • Strong working knowledge of contractual structures, documentation, modeling structures
  • Rigorous attention to detail, quality of work product, accuracy and completeness of reported information; instinct to find and correct errors or inconsistencies in own work or work of others;
  • Ability to develop and/or implement best practice follow up procedures and monitoring tools, incorporate QC practices in own work and in peer review of the work of others

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the QC, updating, maintaining and manipulating of the Project/SPC cash flow models as carried out by the Senior F&P Analyst and assisted by input from the Performance Analyst Engineer
  • Ownership of the SPC cash flow analysis from ProjectCo up through EEAC corporate and provide quantification, prioritization, and recommendations for actions to preserve and improve value for the owner to be executed by the OAM asset management team;
  • Provide mentoring on financial and risk aspects of SPCs to analysts and peers within OAM;
  • Provide Owner(s) with assessment on financial impacts of various OAM initiatives at SPC level to prioritize and rank alternatives and measure actual impacts/success of actions;
  • Liaise with Project Finance and Development to ensure consistency in modeling inputs and outputs, provide support and peer review where needed, increase effective feedback loop for information from operating fleet vs. potential new development or M&A investments.

This position is a central/core one, requiring a self-directed and responsible approach to both coach and mentor direct reports and/or non-financial team members to adhere to a rigorous AM approach, as well as to collaborate with Head of OAM and other executives to set priorities for value added action to be taken by the company.

Job Type: Full-time

To apply, please send your resume to hr@eurusenergy.com